Giving the Fingernail

I probably should have seen it coming, but I didn’t expect to write today about nails and the middle finger.

Today’s Snapple Fact is that “The fastest growing nail is on the middle finger.”

Snapple nail

Now there are two ways that I could go at this: I could provide facts about the middle finger or I could talk about fingernails. However, I’m feeling a little more ambitious today, so I’m going to be writing about both of them.

I’m not going to provide any pictures of the middle finger though. That’s just rude.

Let’s get the middle finger out of the way first. It’s origins go back to Ancient Greece where a character in a play tells Socrates exactly what he thinks of his philosophy and uses the gesture.

Another time it was used in history was in the fifteenth century when the French were at war with the English. The French came up with a good strategy during the fighting: cut off the middle fingers of captured English soldiers so they wouldn’t be able to use the yew-made English longbows. When the French lost the English taunted them by waving their middle finger showing that they can still pluck their yew longbows. Of course, eventually “pluck yew” became something very different…

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s talk about fingernails.

To start, fingernails grow a little more than two times faster than toenails (fingernails growing at a rate of 3.5 millimeters a month and toenails growing at a rate of 1.6 millimeters a month). Nails also grow faster on your dominant hand than the other one, and grow faster in the summer. If you want to stimulate your nail growth, you can also tap your nails on a table lightly, or even type on a keyboard, much like I’m doing writing this blog.

Nails are also made out of keratin, which is the same stuff that your hair is made of. That means that any vitamins and minerals taken for hair support are also benefiting your nails.

Finally, the slowest growing nail is the thumbnail while the fastest growing nail is indeed the middle finger. Personally I always thought it was the pinkie, so it’s good to know that it was a different finger all along.

So that means that next time you’re flashing your middle finger at someone, you’re also flashing your fastest nail. That probably doesn’t mean a lot, but it’s something to think about.

Final Verdict: True. The fastest growing nail is on the middle finger, and if you want to be more specific then the middle finger on your dominant hand.



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