Lizards Have a Good Workout Routine

I’ve been on an animal-based Snapple fact streak for a little while, so I’m going to continue it today as well. Today’s Snapple fact has been one of my favorites that I’ve had the pleasure to read: Lizards communicate by doing push-ups.


The main reason that it’s been one of my favorites is because whenever I read it, I picture two lizards in front of each other doing numerous push-ups while having a nice conversation about the bugs that they ate.

As entertaining as that thought is though, the truth is a little less so. Lizards do use push-ups as a communication method, but they are primarily to grab attention and to warn other lizards that the nearby territory has been claimed and/or to say that they are in good shape should things get nasty.

One type of lizard called anoles do this technique in a ritual form for those primary reasons; once at sunrise and again in the evening. Say what you want, but their determination to keep their spot probably exceeds most promises of how often most people tell themselves they’ll exercise.

Aside from push-ups, lizards have other methods of communicating. Those methods are mainly based on body language, including head-bobbing, tail-waving, and showing their brightly-colored skin flaps. When all else fails, Lizards also communicate through hissing.

So while it’s not the only way lizards talk to other lizards, push-ups are still a method of communication. It makes sense when you think about it; you don’t see a fat lizard very often.

A green anole lizard (image form

Final verdict: True. Lizards communicate through hissing and body language, and that includes push-ups


Best Lizard Facts: All You Need To Know



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