Why do Mosquitoes Bite?

Considering how I’m three Snapple facts behind where I want to be, I’m going to attempt to write three blogs in three days. I just have to keep reminding myself that I can do anything if I put my heart to it.

With summer coming up (eventually) I thought I would provide a Snapple Fact about one of the least fun aspects of the season: mosquitoes. Today’s Snapple fact is that only female mosquitoes bite.

Snapple mosquitoes

I never really understood why they’re called “bites,” mainly because it’s more like a little poke on your skin that drains your blood. No teeth involved here, but I’m digressing.

The reason that only female mosquitoes drain the blood out of their targets is because they need the protein to lay their eggs and create younger mosquitoes. Meanwhile the female mosquito’s husband just says “That’s great honey, you do you,” and feed on fruit and nectar.

It’s also worth mentioning that while they are not trying to create children, female mosquitoes love their share of fruit and nectar.

Now that we got the fact out of the way, here are some other cool things that I learned about mosquitoes in my research:

To start, mosquitoes have been bothering every other species on this earth since the Jurassic period over 200 million years ago, which is very impressive for an insect that only survives for two months if it’s lucky. That could probably be because a female mosquito can lay up to 900 eggs in her lifetime.

Female mosquitoes have a couple of ways to determine where their next blood tithe is, including sensing the carbon dioxide produced by animals and humans, smelling sweat, and attracting to body heat. Also if you want to reduce the chance of becoming a meal to a mosquito, avoid dark clothes since they’re attracted to them since dark clothes retain more heat than light ones.

Image from orkin.com

Hope you enjoyed these facts on mosquitoes, and that it makes your encounters with them in the future suck a little less.

I apologize for nothing.

Final Verdict: True. Only female mosquitoes drain the blood from their victims, but only to produce more mosquitoes.





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