Feline “Fingerprints”

Today’s Snapple fact is that “A cat’s nose is ridged with a unique pattern, just like a human fingerprint,” so that would mean that no two cat nose prints are the same, and a cat could be identified by examining its nose.

Snapple Fact Cat Noses

After a little bit of research, I have found out whether this fact on cat’s noses is true or not, but before I give the verdict there, here is some other cool things I’ve found out about the part of a body that a feline can smell from. Hey, if you watch them on the internet all the time, you might as well learn something.


(Image from Catster.com)

To start, a cat is highly dependent on its sense of smell, with a cat’s nose containing over 200 million scent receptors. To put that into comparison, we humans have about 5 million receptors. A cat can smell whether or not its food is edible, where their hunting target is, and even where you have been.

That last one can make it very difficult to lie to a cat.

Cats also smell each other as a form of greeting, much like how dogs do, a cat’s nose is related to what color fur it has, and a cat can find the smells of citrus and mint distasteful.

“That’s all well and good,” you may be saying, “but what about a cat’s nose print? Can it be used like a fingerprint?” Turns out that it’s true; all cat noses have a different pattern. With that in mind though, cats aren’t really big fans of ink on their noses, so another form of ID might be better.

Final Verdict: True. No two cats’ nose patterns are the same.









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